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Mould is very dangerous and can be fatal. It causes allergies and asthma mostly to people with low immune systems. Most people are unaware of the dangers of mould. Since 2004 Mould has been classed as a Category 1 risk to health as assessed under the Health and Safety Hazards Rating System (HHSRS). Landlords, councils and housing associations are legally bound to clear any outbreak under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1998.

Many residential and commercial properties contain mould issues due to faults or defects that over time have created environments conducive to mould growth. The risks associated with these mould issues cannot be underestimated. A quick and easy solution may be all that is required but to gain true peace of mind when you encounter mould or other signs of leakage it is best to get your property visually inspected by a building surveyor and have any mould samples examined by a microbiologist. Then, if necessary, get the property fully inspected so an effective repair solution can be established.



The type and amount of spores within a closed environment can have implications on building occupant’s health. The extent of how moulds can affect a person’s health is difficult to determine and is influenced by the individual’s immune system, age and health. Many spores we deal with are either allergenic or toxic and in high concentrations can cause flu like symptoms and respiratory problems until the source is removed. Spores are commonly found in outside fresh air, but it is when we have high concentrations of spores that there can be issues.

Mould can be detrimental to your health when in high concentrations

…mould is very dangerous:

Stachybotrys is one such mould which we, as building remediation specialists, come across a lot. This is a black/brown mould and can have a fluffy appearance when dry. Strict handling and removal policies must be adopted when moulds are identified to ensure both building occupants and those removing and handling mould affected products remain safe and healthy.

The symptoms certain moulds are alleged to cause include:

• Mental and neurological affects

• Respiratory difficulties

• Circulatory complications

• Vision and eye problems

• Skin problems

• Immune system problems

• Reproductive system issues

• Tiredness and discomfort

• And other health effects

We Use 3rd Party Testing When Having Mold Testing Performed in Order to Ensure That There Are No Conflicts Of Interest And To Maintain Integrity.

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